While we are happy when city councils modernize their food business ordinances to include food trucks, it does scare us when we start seeing vocal restaurant owners who feel that legislation must protect them. This pizza restaurant owner seems to think that food trucks are stealing his business and because of this (false allegation) he must be protected. We’ll keep our eye on this story, but hope that the people of Bakersfield will soon have many more dining options as provided by new food trucks that begin to operate within their city limits.

BAKERSFIELD, CA – Food trucks. The restaurants on the go are becoming popular in Bakersfield. But the city is working to regulate these eateries.

Right now, the rules for food trucks are very vague. With the growing popularity of these on-the-go eateries, the city wants to make sure they meet the same standards as their brick and mortar counterparts.

But recently, there has been debate about how these popular eateries should be regulated.

Jerzey Baranowski,  who owns Jerry’s Pizza in downtown, said  food trucks take away their business.

“In the time when we’re talking about dollars and pennies, we’re basically competing about the pennies. Theres all kinds of issues,” he said.

The city currently has regulations for mobile vendors, such as push carts, but most of the ordinance doesn’t apply to food trucks.

Some of the revisions discussed would include restricting the amount of time a vendor can operate in one location, the proximity to a brick-and-mortar restaurant and hours of operation.

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