BEAUMONT, TX – Southeast Texans often travel out of town to enjoy a food truck dining experience but that is changing now. There are ten food trucks permitted to operate in Beaumont and social media is buzzing after the recent opening of the latest food truck inspired by macaroni and cheese.

The other nine include taco trucks, Creole style, Jamaican food and even Bar-be-que. The City of Beaumont has a checklist for those wanting to open up their own food truck.  The requirements didn’t scare off the newest food truck owners from pursuing their dream to switch careers and do something they say is ultimately rewarding.

“I think it’s neat,” said Austin Smith who was back for seconds at the Dat Mac Food Truck on 11th street Wednesday. “I think it gives us variety and it gives us a way to support local business.”

Others in line also bubbled over in excitement, like Lindsay Smith who tagged along with Austin to give the truck a try. “Pretty excited that they have stuff like this available now.”

Dat Mac is the latest food truck serving up good eats in the Golden Triangle.

“Kids love mac and cheese, grown-ups love mac and cheese, animals love

[it],” said Co-owner Aaron Barnhill. “Everyone loves mac and cheese.”

Dat Mac serves up the ooey gooey noodles as a sandwich or in a bowl. They keep the menu fresh by rotating fun items like sliders or buffalo chicken bowls. The truck has a growing social media fan base which also tips off hungry customers to the new menu items. Silsbee native Aaron Barnhill says after living off food trucks while working in California, back home in Southeast Texas, he noticed the choices were limited.

“There was probably a thousand food trucks just in the city I was in so it just made me want to get one,” said Barnhill. “I moved back here and there was a void so I figured I could fill it.”

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