BEAVERTON, OR — Beaverton will finally have the kind of big food cart pod that residents have salivated over for years, likely with more than a dozen tiny restaurants selling a wide variety of foods.

Dana Biggi submitted the winning application for Beaverton’s Food Cart Pod Competition, which was designed as an economic incentive for to take the plunge and open a pod.The city will pitch in as much as $25,000 to help one of Beaverton’s best-known landowners develop the pod in the heart of the Creekside District, which is fast becoming the city’s new downtown core.

Biggi is the granddaughter of Rose Biggi, the late Beaverton Foods founder and namesake of Southwest Rose Biggi Avenue; Dana Biggi manages the family’s real estate holdings.

The new pod will be located on property the family owns at the southeast corner of Rose Biggi and Millikan Way, across the street from Beaverton City Hall and a block from the Beaverton Central MAX station.

The flag-shaped lot also has frontage on Southwest Beaverdam Road, where there is a building, but the larger section at Millikan and Rose Biggi currently is vacant. The family also owns a neighboring grassy lot along Rose Biggi that has potential to serve as an open picnic area.

The space is large enough to include the amenities and utilities required to serve 13 to 20 food carts, as well as a seating area and restrooms, said Janiene Lambert, a senior development project manager with the city.

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