BEND, OR – The west side of Bend already has several lots where visitors can grab a meal from food carts, and if local developer Mikel Lomsky’s plans come to fruition, another will be available in 2017.

Lomsky is moving forward with plans to develop a food cart lot on NW Arizona Avenue that can accommodate up to seven carts. Lomsky said the new lot could be finished by spring, if everything goes according to plan.

“When the sun’s shining, it would be nice for people to be able to walk over and get lunch,” he said.

According to plans filed with the city of Bend, the lot, located on the north side of NW Arizona between NW Staats Street and NW Lava Road, will be home to seven food carts that will encircle around 20 uncovered seats for patrons. Lomsky, who said he was inspired by street food in Mexico and Southeast Asia, said the goal was to be fairly bare bones, which he said would reduce operational costs for carts.

“It’s really a way to give the tenant flexibility,” he said.

Lomsky, who owns the lot, said lease rates will be “competitive” with the other rates for food carts in the area, though he declined to give specifics.

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