While it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see UC Berkeley students protesting, this protest is a little different. It’s to save their local food trucks because the city decided not to re-new the licences of three food trucks that have been operating in the area for years.

BERKELEY, CA – With the permits of three food trucks located at Bancroft Way and College Avenue set to expire at the end of March, students rallied Tuesday against their non-renewal.

Permits for the three food trucks — issued nearly three years ago — noted the licenses would not be renewed at the time of their expiration. About 30 students attended the Tuesday rally protesting the relocation of the food trucks — Healthy Heavenly Foods, Dojo Dog and Kettle Corn Star.

The food trucks’ presence has garnered complaints from surrounding businesses and the campus. Many students from the UC Berkeley School of Law, however, are upset by the planned removal of these mobile food vendors from the Bancroft-College location by the law school.

“(The city) has been fairly mum on other options,” said Misha Tsukerman, a third year law student who organized the rally. “We deserve a choice on where to eat.”

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