We at Mobile Cuisine are happy to announce a BIG addition to our family. Please meet our 10,000 lb, 14 foot (box) baby. It’s been a long time coming, but we found the perfect truck for us to adopt.

Some of you may be quick to ask what type of food we plan to sell once we get her road ready, HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! We are not planning on using this truck daily food truck sales in the Detroit metro area, but more for use as a brand extension for Mobile Cuisine.

Initially, the plan is to use the truck as an educational platform for how-to videos for our readers who are interested in building out their own food truck. As we go through the process of designing and fitting it out, we will share our experiences with you.

Future Food Truck Video Series

The videos will cover (not necessarily in this order):

  • Understanding local food truck requirements
  • Selective demolition
  • Electrical system design and installation
  • Water system design and installation
  • Propane system design and installation
  • Exhaust system design and installation
  • Fire safety system design and installation
  • Material selection and installation
  • Equipment selection and installation
  • Floor plan creation
  • Permitting

and much, much more…

This will not be a fast process and we hope once we begin the filming of our videos we will be able to provide new videos at Mobile-Cuisine.com on a weekly basis.

Once we have the truck fitted out and up and running, we will have created the perfect studio for providing you with kitchen product reviews and in-the-truck cooking lessons and tips.

We were thrilled with the idea of this purchase and we hope you are too.

Is there is something you think we should cover in this build out educational series? We’d love to hear from you. You can share your suggestions via email admin [at] mobile-cuisine [dot] com, Twitter or Facebook.