Once again, another city has opened the doors for food trucks, and as usual the bill places restrictions on food trucks that that are outside of the government’s role. Annapolis residents will soon be able to find food trucks in town, but in limited locations and at limited times.

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The City Council will hold several public hearings Monday on such issues as the city budget, expanding food truck access and legislation that would charge ride-sharing companies like Uber a few more cents per ride.

One of the public hearings of note involves a bill governing sidewalk sales, garage sales and food truck access. The bill was introduced by Alderman Joe Budge, D-Ward 1.

Food trucks have been a source of contentious debate in the city. They currently are allowed in residential districts, but only for 30 minutes at a time — except for Ward 8. Budge’s legislation would expand the areas in which they’re permitted to operate.

If passed, his bill would permit food trucks in areas that allow restaurants with a special exception, as long as the food truck isn’t within 100 feet of an established restaurant.

Budge has pitched his legislation as a compromise on the food truck debate. The bill doesn’t give the trucks free access in the city, but it does expand their range, he said. They can’t set up in the Historic District and there are restrictions on when and where the trucks can set up.

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