BLACKSBURG, VA – Residents of Blacksburg may soon see more food trucks around town. A proposed amendment to the town’s zoning codes would define and outline new rules for the usage of land by mobile food vendors. The amendment would open up new opportunities for vendors while at the same time creating new regulations to ensure safety, convenience and fair competition.

“There is a desire now to make it clearer what that use is, what standards should be associated with that use and where they can operate,” said Andrew Warren, senior planning and zoning administrator for the town.

Across the country, the food truck market is booming. A report from the market research firm IBISWorld predicts that the industry will generate $2.7 billion in revenue in 2017. The craze has made its way to neighboring Christiansburg, whose most recent Food Truck Rodeo on Sept. 27 drew over a dozen vendors.

However, unclear regulations in Blacksburg have tempered the town’s fledgling food truck industry. Currently, the town’s Zoning Code does not address mobile food vendors. It only regulates itinerant vendors, a label that covers any temporary business.

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