You’ve got a food truck, maybe even more than one.  Your catering business is thriving.  Your customers want more.  Now what?

That next step is bigger than you’ve experienced in the past…  It’s not that you can’t handle it as a business owner; it’s just going to cost you more than you’ve got on hand.

Since most small businesses will never have the opportunity to appear on an investment reality show like Restaurant Startup or Shark Tank or ever pitch to a venture capitalist, other options need to be explored.  And if you are lucky enough to have the incredible opportunity to make that pitch, are you willing to give up equity in the business you built?  Do you think Kevin O’Leary, aka “Mr. Wonderful” from Shark Tank, would be happy taking pennies on every taco sale over 45% of the business equity?  That’s something to seriously consider and may hold you back from growing your business.

Mobile Cuisine is partnering with Bolstr to aid food trucks in expanding their businesses.  Bolstr is an online marketplace where emerging consumer, retail and manufacturing businesses can access up to $500,000 from accredited investors.  Click here to attend a co-hosted webinar on March 2-3.

We’re excited about Bolstr for one big reason – they don’t take equity in your business.  Their goal is to grow small businesses – getting them over that initial financial hurdle where the next step could mean future shared equity.  After watching some cringe-worthy moments on the various investment shows where significant amounts of equity are given up just to make that “small leap” into an exponentially larger business, we feel this key offering of Bolstr is one that’s difficult to pass up.

The co-hosted webinar next week will review their business model and lending process.  They boast a food truck success story with Chicago-based Da Lobsta, an innovative lobster roll restaurant and food truck that raised $150K in less than 24 hours!  Bolstr is excited about this industry and its growth potential.  Aren’t we all?

Let’s take a page from Mr. Wonderful’s book: “Here’s how I think of my money:  As soldiers.  I send them out to war everyday.  I want them to take prisoners and come home, so there’s more of them.”

We agree.  We hope to meet you next week at the webinar and sharing your success stories in the future.