BRANSON, MO – Branson leaders are considering changes to the city’s food truck ordinance.

The Music City started allowing food trucks in February of this year. Current laws say a food truck can only operate on the same property for 52 consecutive days.

Branson, because of suggestions from food truck operators and local businesses, is considering allowing a property owner to host a food truck year round if they so choose.

“Without knowing, without ever having food trucks in Branson we weren’t sure what we were going to get, what the expectation was.  You somewhat prepare for the worst case scenario that you’d just be inundated with food trucks and they’d be taking over and that really hasn’t been the case,” said Director of Branson Planning & Development, Joel Hornickel.

Food truck operators in Branson have to be approved for a business license from the city and receive a permit from the Taney County Health Department.

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