Buffalo Council to Consider Compromise Food Truck Rules

BUFFALO, NY – A new draft of food truck regulations for the City of Buffalo is less restrictive than the rules called for by a group of restaurants.


Five months after putting proposed food truck regulations on hold, city lawmakers have received a new version of the draft law that would require food trucks:

  • To operate at least 100 feet from the property line “of a licensed food establishment, the kitchen of which is open for serving food to patrons.” Food trucks could operate within that 100-foot boundary with the written consent of the restaurant operator.
  • To operate at least 500 feet from any “fair, carnival, circus, festival, special event or civic event that is licensed or sanctioned by the city,” unless the operator gets a separate city permit for that special event.
  • To obtain a license, with an annual fee of $1,000. The license would expire on April 1 of every year.
  • To carry at least two garbage cans that are at least 65 gallons in size.
  • To carry a “measuring wheel” that can measure at least 500 feet to check that the operator is outside the protected area.

The proposed rules call for all signs on a food truck to be “permanently affixed” to the vehicle.

All applicants for a food truck license would be subject to a criminal background check by the Buffalo Police Department, under the proposed set of rules.

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