lloyd taco truckBUFFALO, NY – It wasn’t long ago when food trucks began to show up around Western New York.  But if the City of Buffalo’s high fees continue, several of them say they could go out of business.

Several owners are upset over the high permit fees they have to pay to be able to operate in Buffalo.  Owners met with the city’s legislation committee Tuesday to voice their opinion that paying $1,000 for city approval, and then another $1,000 to get the same license renewed each year is exhorbitant.

“It feels like they are taking advantage of us.  And, as a result of these fees, some one my colleagues have been put out of business.  They have sold their businesses, or are calling it quits.  It’s cumbersome enough to start a business in New York State, we don’t need the city making it harder for us,” said Peter Cimino with Lloyd Taco Truck.

No decision has been made.  But some of the city legislators we spoke with said they would be open to lowering the fee.

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