As you know, the food trucks of Buffalo are under attack. While Lloyd and Roaming Buffalo and Whole Hog have made countless fans by serving quality food, they’ve had to do so in a regulatory environment that did not contemplate food trucks. The City of Buffalo laws have to be changed to accommodate the relatively new food truck craze and the battle is on to determine what new regulations should be put in place for food trucks.

Not surprisingly, some brick-and-mortar restaurants are lobbying against favorable food truck legislation as they believe food trucks have an unfair advantage over their restaurants. But we took apart those baseless arguments before. And really, if these restaurant owners were rational and really believed food trucks had such enormous competitive advantages over their brick-and-mortar restaurants, they’d get out of their fixed locations and start food trucks. But they won’t because they know the reality of the situation.
This is America and it was built on competition. Progressive cities have already adopted new, reasonable codes to govern how food trucks can operate. And while citizens have been effective in forcing local governments to adapt to the growing food truck phenomenon, a prominent libertarian law firm has started suing cities to force them to be responsible in the protection of free enterprise.
The Common Council will be having a public meeting tomorrow at 10am in Room 1417 at City Hall. We encourage you to attend and let your voice be heard.
And whether you attend or not, we encourage you to sign the online petition in support of Buffalo’s food trucks. Each time the petition is signed, an email with that person’s name and support is sent, via email, to a Common Council member. So let’s light up their inboxes.
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