BUFFALO, NY – The sponsor of the mobile-vending rules expects city lawmakers to pass the proposed food truck regulations with a few tweaks later this month.

Buffalo Food Trucks

Josh Flanigan

After both sides pleaded their cases Wednesday before lawmakers in City Hall, North Council Member Joseph Golombek Jr. said he believes he could get at least four of his colleagues to join him and support the new package Jan. 24.

“I think we should be able to get a majority,” he said.

The changes Golombek plans would address concerns raised during Wednesday’s Legislation Committee meeting by an attorney for the Western New York Food Truck Association, a group of food truck operators.

Under the latest version of the rules proposed last month, food trucks would be required to stay at least 100 feet from the property line of a restaurant with an open kitchen.

Golombek said he plans to change the language to specify that the buffer distance would be measured from the edge of the building where the business sits.

Other changes Golombek said he plans to propose:

• The requirement for food trucks to have at least two 65- gallon garbage cans would be amended to allow for collapsible bins or another way to limit the size of what the trucks have to carry.

• The requirement that a hearing for the owner of a truck closed due to violations be held in 60 days would be shortened.

Golombek also said he would include any proposed changes his colleagues may suggest.

Last month’s proposal would establish a $1,000 annual license fee and would require food trucks to stay at least 500 feet from any festival or special event sanctioned by the city.

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