YPSILANTI, MI – J. Doyle is an ambitious businessman with ambitious goals.

The owner of America’s Resellers Inc. – a business that buys and sells commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment – said he wants to start a food truck park near 3011 E. Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti Township by the end of the year.

“Right on Michigan Avenue we have a space being designed for a food park. The engineers are going to submit the plans in probably two weeks. Optimistically I’m hoping by October we’ll be up an running, but realistically it’ll be next spring,” he said.

“I have 10 gourmet food trucks that want to go into that park if we open tomorrow – everything from Asian; Italian; One Potato Two Potato – a place that does potatoes about 25 different ways – and Farm to Table, to name a few. There will never be a duplicate in any park.”

Doyle’s idea for a food truck park in the township comes on the heels of him opening a food truck manufacturing warehouse at 1559 Beverly St. in Ypsilanti Township.

Tony Caprarese, the Swisher Commercial listing agent who closed on the lease, said the warehouse manufactures trucks for food cart vendors nationwide and is selling them at a rate of about one per day.

“We’re shipping them all over. We have two leaving for Chicago next week, we have two or three we’re building right now for Michigan, we have five or six trailers that we’re having manufacturers build right now and a we’ll convert them into food trucks for them and they’re for Michigan, too,” Doyle said.

“The first thing we do is have a new engine in every truck. So if you come in today and you sign a contract on a truck, well we keep an inventory of at least three or four trucks at a mechanics shop, and we have a new engine put in and give buyers a two year warranty on that truck. Then it takes us about two or three weeks to totally transform it.”

Doyle said that carts and food trucks add a new dimension to the restaurant industry and that they are a much better investment than a brick and mortar location.

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