HOUSTON, TX – Last week Garrett Blinn, owner of the Buttz Food Truck in Houston, says that he lost out on what could have been a lucrative contract with a Houston Independent School District school because he was told that the name of his truck and the food he sells ran the risk of offending some people.

Blinn says he was contacted by a faculty member from Herod Elementary School last week to set up shop at the school’s upcoming literacy night.

They asked him if he could donate a percentage of his sales to the school, which he agreed to do. He was also looking for an additional food truck to join him at the school, along with another truck that might be able to offer up dessert items.

His truck’s menu is pork and chicken intensive. He says his favorite item on the menu is the Hatch Butt, a sandwich featuring hatch chiles and the customer’s choice of chicken or pork.

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