LONDON, ONTARIO – Perhaps no single issue spoke more to the dysfunction of the previous council than the debate around allowing food trucks on city-owned land.

While that debate — OK, many debates — ultimately ended in a narrow defeat to the idea, the new council appears ready to take a crack at it.

“The last council dropped the ball on this issue. This council is going to pick up that ball and run with it,” said Ward 7 Councillor Josh Morgan, who along with Mayor Matt Brown, will reintroduce the issue at the next Community and Protective Services Committee, set for Tuesday, Jan. 20.

In a letter that will be presented at the meeting, Morgan and Brown will ask staff to revisit the work of the previous council and have a new proposal ready for the committee’s Feb. 18 meeting.

Bringing forward the issue now, Morgan said, is so the city is in position to have new rules implemented for summer.

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