While it’s nice to see a city ask it’s residents if they want food trucks, at the same time, should it be a vote that determines if food trucks operate in a city? I’d rather see a city determine the future of food trucks not by a survey, but by using sales. If a city is full of people not willing to purchase from food trucks, let it show in the truck sales, not by a vote that could be played by a group of vocal restaurant owners.

YELLOWKNIFE, CANADA – The City of Yellowknife is looking into that with a new survey for residents.

Last year, there were disagreements downtown when it came to where, exactly, food trucks should base themselves – with at least one cafe owner expressing concern that trucks parked too near an establishment would damage business.

This year, the rules could change again. City officials say they will meet restaurant owners and food truck operators after consulting locals on the issue.

“Food vendors are an important part of Yellowknife’s food scene. The City wants to ensure the needs of restaurant owners, residents, visitors and food vendors are met in a balanced manner,” said Yellowknife mayor Mark Heyck in a prepared statement.

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