This story is heartbreaking. A restaurant owner purchases a trailer with the plans to expand their brand to local festivals. Within hours of delivery and even before they had a chance to install their kitchen equipment, they had it stolen.

MONTREAL, CANADA – The owners of a restaurant south of Montreal are scratching their heads after a trailer emblazoned with their logo and photos of a giant hamburger disappeared.

Co-owner Bobby Dimitriadis said two men in a grey pickup truck “very casually” hitched up the trailer and drove away with it at around 9:45 Friday night.

The nine-metre trailer is covered with the name, logo, address and phone number of the restaurant, Robbie’s Smokehouse & Burger Bar.

“It’s unbelievable that somebody would do something like that,” Dimitriadis said. “I don’t know what to say.”

He said the incident — which occurred only hours after the trailer arrived at the eatery — was captured by the restaurant’s security camera.

The restaurant, which is located in Kahanawake, had planned to install kitchen equipment in the coming days to turn the trailer into a mobile food truck.

Dimitriadis said the trailer’s value is close to $20,000. He said the vehicle is insured but the loss could still be costly.


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