CAMPBELLTON, NEW BRUNSWICK – Jariya O’Brien built her business from the ground up — she started with only $20 — and owns a restaurant and two food trucks. But she was still shocked when she found out how much it would cost her to park one of her travelling canteens in Campbellton.

“It’s really expensive,” she said. “I don’t know what’s going on there. We want to be there so bad.”

The Shediac-based business expanded last year when O’Brien and her staff began travelling to Miramichi.

“We had hundreds of people come to our truck so we decided to go even further north,” said Jariya’s husband, Randy O’Brien.

The truck has parked in Miramichi, Bathurst and Dalhousie, but a Campbellton bylaw prevents the couple from setting up shop in the northern New Brunswick city.

The cost for non-residents to park a food truck is $500 an hour, to a maximum of 10 hours. Over the course of a summer, or roughly a hundred days, the cost to the business would be $500,000.

Jariya and Randy O’Brien would not disclose their daily profits, but “it’s not $5,000,” Randy said with a laugh.

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