Carbon's Golden Malted Food Truck CHICAGO, IL – Carbon’s Golden Malted®, the leading producer of waffle and pancake flour in the world, will join other food trucks in Chicago starting today, June 14, selling gourmet waffle sandwiches throughout the city.

The company’s gourmet waffle food truck, Carbon’s Kitchen, will be in various locations in Chicago serving a mix of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items.

Carbon’s Kitchen will be selling a variety of gourmet waffle items, including a breakfast waffle sandwich consisting of scrambled eggs, goat cheese and roasted red peppers, as well as Waffles-Strawberries with whipped cream; lunch and dinner sandwiches including Chicken N Waffles with Raspberry Spread, Chicken N Waffles with Mushroom and Sausage Gravy, Ham & Cheese, Pulled Pork with Slaw and Caprese, a vegetarian waffle sandwich.  Dessert items will include Deep Fried PB&J and S’mores.  The food truck will also serve coffee, bottled water, lemonade and side items including waffle fries, fruit cups and Asian slaw.

Since launching Carbon’s Kitchen last April, Carbon’s Golden Malted has participated in local and regional events, fairs, fundraisers, as well as University of Notre Dame football tailgates.  “This past year of being on the road with Carbon’s Kitchen has been a huge success,” says Becky Beckman, the company’s vice president of marketing. “Now we’re excited to be hitting the streets of the Windy City.  It’s an opportunity to showcase our wonderful waffle mix in an all-new light and to an entirely new audience. We’re very proud of all of the hard work that has gone into making this “food truck dream” a reality and want to thank the City of Chicago for this great opportunity.”

Carbon’s Kitchen will announce their daily locations and any food specials on their Facebook page and Twitter each day.  Special events will be announced on the Company’s website as well.  Travis Hamel, Carbon’s executive chef, will oversee the food truck kitchen, assisted by students from the International Culinary School at the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago.

Food trucks have grown in popularity in the U.S. and are now found in urban and rural areas.  In large cities, it’s a great way to grab a quick lunch and often indulge in some unique foods.  Chicago recently began licensing food trucks with kitchens and just this past April Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual announced that food trucks would now be able to be a part of Taste of Chicago held annually in July.

Founded in 1937 as a family-owned business selling pancake and waffle flour to the food service industry, Carbon’s Golden Malted recently celebrated its 75th anniversary (goldenmalted75).  Today, the company has expanded from serving the domestic food service industry to worldwide distribution, and is now selling directly to consumers.

Carbon sells its products to restaurants, hotels, casinos, and theme parks as well as colleges and universities around the world.  Some of the company’s customers include Best Western and Choice Hotels, Bob Evans and Perkins restaurants.

Carbon’s started with the simple idea of providing industrial waffle irons free to food businesses in exchange for using the company’s Golden Malted brand product.   That business practice continues today.

In addition to the company’s growth in the U.S., it has expanded its food service program on an international level, now distributing its product in over 25 countries and, in 2001, began moving into the retail sector.  Carbon’s Innovative Products division has also expanded its product line from waffle irons to its patented cone, iron grills and Panini machines.

In order to serve the growing need of the gluten-free community and those who prefer organic products, Carbon’s has added to its product line – Carbon’s Golden Malted® Gluten-Free Flour and Carbon’s Golden Malted® Organic Flour.  The organic line includes two flavors – multi-grain and apple cinnamon.  Both are made with certified organic flours and the apple cinnamon features pieces of real, organic apples.