CARLISLE, PA — Once illegal in Carlisle, food trucks are now legit for residents’ culinary pleasures.

Council voted unanimously to allow food trucks in the borough’s industrial district in what most of them called a trial run or pilot program with potential for expansion. The decision followed a public hearing during which the majority spoke in support of food vendors.

“I’ve shown personally that there’s a want for this, a demand for this,” said Jason Turner, owner of the mobile food business Unlawful Falafel, who has been fighting to have food trucks allowed in the borough.

Since last year, Turner has been operating his food cart business through a loophole in the borough ordinance by setting up on private property. That won’t be necessary now.

Brenda Landis, member of the West Side Neighbors Association, joined Turner in support of the new ordinance allowing food trucks and carts during Thursday’s public hearing.

“I think food trucks give another dimension that enriches Carlisle,” Landis said.

Besides being new businesses operating in the borough, they also spark a whole new set of events and programming that can attract young people, she said. That type of business diversity can only help, she said.

No one spoke out against the ordinance or mobile food businesses even though in the past some downtown restaurants had expressed concern and opposition over them.

Turner, in speaking about his business during the hearing, said this is an opportunity for anyone in the borough.

“I’m creating a market that any and all establishments in Carlisle can entertain,” he said.

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