CDN Solutions Group, a leading web app development company located in Central India, will soon come up with a new Food Truck search and ordering Application, “Food Truck App”. The app is being developed keeping in mind the problems faced by the food truck food lovers as well as food truck owners. The app will initially be compatible with ipad and android tablets and will be free to download from itunes and Google play.

“The idea popped up in my mind after analyzing the hurdles and complications faced by food truck owners and their customers. Many a times it happens that due to large queue, many customers return without placing order or due to occupancies they are not able to physicaly present there for placing order. Also the Food trucks regular customers are not able to access truck’s current location. So, many such problems will be overcome by this app”, says Mr. Chetan Naik, CTO CDN Solutions Group.

The app has three portions, first is for food truck owners, the other one is for customers and the last one is for App owners. The app will be absolutely free to use, whether you are a food truck owner or customer. The customer will have to login with his Facebook account and then he can search all the registered food trucks and also find the nearby trucks by GPS tracking feature. He can order his favorite food and make payment as well with his PayPal account. He will thereby receive a confirmation message from the food truck owner, with order id and delivery time. Customer can then go and receive his dish, and has no need to stand in a queue and wait for his order. With the food truck app the food ordering is just plain easy. It’s time saving for every food truck customer.

On the other hand the food truck owners can promptly receive money and orders with the app. Their are many more features for Food truck owners like create profile, upload photos, setting up menu and set their locations. If he is planning to increase the held time at the present location, he can update that too. CDN will disclose other features at the time of launch. The Food truck app is completely a revenue sharing app. If a food truck owner gets an order with the app, then he will have to share a certain percentage of order amount with the Food truck App owner.

“Before started working on this app, we conducted a small survey with Food Truck owners about their views, and we got good responses. Based on the responses our developers are working day and night to make this app the best. The UI is almost complete and we have also disclosed few screens on social media. We are thrilled to launch this because it’s the first app which is solely dedicated to the food truck business. Hope that users will like it “, added Mr. Chetan Naik.