CHARLOTTE, NC – If you bought food out of a food truck, you know it’s pretty much buy it and walk away.

But now, a lawmaker is proposing food trucks can provide tables and chairs to customers, but don’t have to have a restaurant permit.

Some say that wouldn’t be fair.

Sue Tiller’s question Wednesday to Masterbacon food truck owner Greg Helmandollar was where are his chairs?

“Because you get this great food but you don’t have any place to eat it,” Tiller said.

His response was most food trucks don’t, because places where they set up don’t have public bathrooms. If they had bathrooms, sinks and seats, they could be considered a restaurant, Helmandollar said.

It’s a tradeoff for mobility.

“If you choose a bad location, you can always just start it up and drive away,” he said.

Food trucks and food stands providing chairs and tables to customers is what Sen. Jerry Tillman, a Republican from Archdale, is now proposing.

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