CHEBOYGAN, MI – The Cheboygan County Planning Commission will move forward with an ordinance to provide definitions, regulations and standards for mobile food units to the Cheboygan County Board of Commissioners.

“This item has come up for discussion with the planning commission in conjunction with the commission’s discussion in general with regards to restaurant uses,” said Cheboygan County Community Development Planner Scott McNeil.

“Currently, at this time, a food truck or what would fit the definition of a mobile food unit would fall under the classification of a restaurant under the ordinance.”

As a result, a mobile food truck would be required to submit for a site plan review or possibly a special use permit for each location they would want to be located. The ordinance the commission will be forwarding on will allow the food trucks to be approved for each lot by a zoning permit for each location.

“So this would streamline the process, make it subject to a $30 fee for a zoning permit, which is the current fee, as opposed to the other fees that are required for a special use permit or site plan review,” said McNeil. There are definitions in the ordinance, describing what exactly a mobile food unit is, as well as what a vehicle is. A mobile food unit is described as a vehicle mounted food service.

The ordinance provides for the units to be approved within the Commercial Zoning District with a zoning permit.

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