CHICAGO, IL – The much awaited results of the Chicago City Council vote are in. In a vote of 44 ayes to 1 nay (1 abstention), the council nearly unanimously approved a new food truck ordinance that will allow food trucks to cook on board. This vote takes Chicago off the list as the only city in the top 50 most populated cities in the country that did not allow cooking on board these rolling bistros.

While many of the aldermen prior to the vote spoke very kindly of the ordinance and it’s ability to help the city, nobody but Alderman John Arena (45th Ward) voiced any concern over the ordinance protecting restaurants from food trucks.

The new ordinance does allow cooking on board food trucks, however, it doesn’t eliminate the 200-feet rule, increases the fine for setting up shop inside that zone, and would require trucks to carry GPS devices to track their movements.