CHICAGO, IL – It’s a courtroom fight pitting a cupcake company against the city of Chicago, and the outcome could determine just how many food trucks you’ll see downtown.

Laura Pekarik’s website video suggests she spends much of her time baking and decorating cupcakes. But on Wednesday, she was in a Daley Center courtroom taking on the City of Chicago’s restrictions on her food truck.

“I want freedom to be able to vend my product to my customers, wherever I see fit,” Pekarik said.

Pekarik is challenging the city’s requirement that food trucks parked outside designated parking zones can’t be within 200 feet of a restaurant. Food trucks must also have GPS devices to track their movements. Pekarik’s attorney says the city’s illegally trying to protect restaurants from the competition.

“The government is deciding who wins and who loses, rather than just letting everybody compete and letting you decide where to get your lunch,” said plaintiff’s attorney Robert Frommer.

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