5411 Storefront

CHICAGO, IL – Another popular food truck has opened a storefront, this time one that grew it’s brand by delivering gourmet empanadas to the streets of Chicago.

Yesterday, the 5411 Empanada Food Truck opened the doors of their new permanent storefront location at 2850 N. Clark St.

To celebrate their inaugural store hours, the founders (Mariano Lanfranconi, Andrés Arlía, and Nicolás Ibarzabal) presented two new (and tasty might I add) empanadas to their menu. The Malbec Beef and Bacon, Date and Goat Cheese empanadas are fantastic additions to their already popular line up of baked empanadas.

Not only did they unveil their new menu items for their launch but they also discounted their already low priced items to $1 each.

5411 Empanadas

Twitter: @5411empanadas
Gourmet Argentine empanadas. Baked! 2850 N. Clark St.


Note: 5411 Empanadas, is named for the international code used when dialing Buenos Aires.