Amy Le

Chicago. IL – Amy Le is the owner of the DucknRoll Food Truck, a truck that has been selling Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches along with other Asian inspired dishes. She has been in operation in Chicago for over a year and a founding member of the Illinois Food Truck Association. She shared her thoughts with the Huffington Post on the new food truck ordinance that Mayor Emmanuel passed to committee last.

She touches on many of the issues we covered in our article from last week The Good And The Bad Of Chicago’s Proposed Food Truck Ordinance, including this snippet.

 For the purpose of enforcing the 200 foot rule, the government-required GPS would allow the city to monitor and track our business. Imagine if you were told you had to wear an ankle bracelet at work to make sure you weren’t doing anything other than working. The GPS device comes at our expense and at the expense of tax payers. The city will need to assign personnel to monitor and review the data being collected. Is this the best way to allocate city resources? We already use GPS-related devices and tools (e.g., Twitter) to alert customers of our location. We aren’t hiding.

Customers are not the property of any one business; they cannot be stolen — but they can be won. It is the responsibility of all business owners to win the loyalty and patronage of their customers. It is the responsibility of our government to enact rules and regulations that protect the health and safety of those patrons and encourage the growth of its business community — both small and large.

Find the entire article at the Huffington Post <here>

Please comment at the Huff Post to share your displeasure so the Mayor and the City Council will hear your voices before they begin debatting the final details before it reaches the time for the full council to vote on it.

DucknRoll Food Truck

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