beavers donuts

EVANSTON, IL – A Chicago based food truck owner is suing the north suburban city of Evanston over a rule it says hinders the company’s right to do business.

The owners of “Beavers Coffee and Donuts” say they will file suit today, challenging an Evanston law that requires food truck vendors to own a brick and mortar restaurant.

“A law like this one that only allows restaurant owners to own a food truck doesn’t serves the public’s health, safety, or welfare,” said attorney Jacob Huebert. “The only thing it does is protect restaurants from competition from food trucks.”

The owners say they originally wanted to own a restaurant, but could not obtain the small business loan they needed.

The Evanston law was passed nearly two years ago which has prevented many of Chicago’s food trucks from operating within the city limits except for pre-approved special events.