Birmingham, AL – Just a couple of days after Chick-fil-A launched it’s first food truck in Washington DC, a brick and mortar Chick-fil-a owner in Birmingham, AL came out publicly for restrictive regulations against the food trucks in his area.

According to a report at

Brad Johnson, who owns Chick-fil-A on Fifth Avenue North, where the Spoonfed Grill and Shindigs Catering trucks park a couple of days a week, spoke in favor of the new rules. The trucks take up parking spaces in front of his business and drive away customers, he said.

“If you look at major cities across the country, there is at least a distance between the brick-and-mortar establishments and the food trucks,” Johnson said. “On any given day I have three food trucks within 200 feet of my store. It’s taking away parking from established restaurants that have been there that pay rent and pay taxes.”

While it’s most likely that Mr. Johnson is a franchise owner, it doesn’t change the fact that the company he is franchising with just launched their own truck in the nation’s capital. Our suggestion to Chick-fil-a corporate officials…send out a memo that dissuades franchise owners from promoting local governments to impose unfair restrictions against their competitors.

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