In last night’s episode of the Food Network’s reality TV show The Great Food Truck Race, NYC food truck Korilla BBQ was kicked off the show for allegedly cooking their books.

At the end of the Memphis-set episode, host Tyler Florence announced that Korilla, who already made it to the top four contestants, would be asked to leave because they added over $2,500 of their own money into their cash drawer. Producers apparently noticed when the sales receipts didn’t match up to the final count.

The odd part of the episode is that had they not been eliminated for allegedly cheating, Korilla BBQ would have still remained on the show. Their numbers (before the additional funding) were slightly more that Cleveland’s Hodge Podge Truck.

Korilla’s recent tweets imply that there is more to the story: “1st Amendment Rights went on a hiatus and won’t be back till Spring. We <3 you guys and will never forget all the memories!”

One of the more funny situations to come from this episode made itself known this afternoon via Twitter. Apparently Hodge Podge chef Chris Hodgson has created a new T-Shirt taking a little swipe at the Korilla BBQ owners for this act which allowed him to move into the shows final three contestants. The t-shirt was advertised on both Twitter and Facebook, and from their initial responses, it appears this shirt will be a big seller.

We’re sure more will come from this episode in the future, but until the 6 month non-disclosure agreements expire we can only sit back and wait, or at least get the shirt.