A Washington state culinary program went out of their way to remember the loss of one of their own at an annual food truck even they hold. We send our thoughts and condolences to the family.

BREMERTON, WA – On Wednesday culinary arts students at Olympic College in Bremerton came together for the annual Food Truck Rumble. This year, however, was different as one of the creators and scheduled participants, was killed just five days ago in a rural Mason County quadruple murder/suicide.

“Tory was loved by the students, and he loved working with the students that were here, and he loved this program,” Professor Chris Plemmons said.

“He was an amazing friend to anybody who was in the kitchen,” classmate Marlene Gouveia said. “He would take the shirt off his back and give it to someone if they needed it. That’s just who Tory was.”

Friends and family say it was Tory Carlson’s dream to own a food truck and that was so close to becoming a reality.


At the Food Truck Rumble on Wednesday Tory’s family said they plan to donate the food truck to the college and many students said they plan to get it started in his honor. The school also said that they have renamed the Food Truck Rumble to the Tory Carlson Memorial.

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