COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – On June 27, City Council approved changes to city code that constitute a general update on food-truck policy. The first two, ordinances 17-47 and 17-48, are general language updates, changing official terminology from “peddler of food wares” to “mobile food vendor” in two articles in the city code chapter on business licensing, liquor regulation and taxation.

The third, 17-49, provides a legal way for mobile food vendors to set up at parking meters. All three ordinances were passed unanimously with no public comments at either reading, with Council President Richard Skorman recusing himself for each vote. (Skorman’s involvement with Poor Richard’s Restaurant and Rico’s Café and Wine Bar constituted a conflict of interest.)

Starting with ordinances 17-47 and 17-48, while some will lament the fact that a multi-ton mobile kitchen capable of hitting highway speeds will be legally classified as a “Mobile Food Vendor apparatus” rather than the more whimsical “peddler’s cart,” there is some substantial clarification. Mobile food vendors can’t operate within 20 feet of an intersection. They can’t sell to someone standing in the street. And they can’t block traffic, vehicular or pedestrian.

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