Hungry Monkey Columbus

COLUMBUS, OH – Thieves are looking for more than a midnight snack at food trucks parked along streets.

Neil Hertenstein said that thieves took off with the generator for his Hungry Monkey food truck. The truck was parked in his south side neighborhood at the time of the theft.

“We can’t operate without that generator, so it’s a huge, huge setback to us,” Hertenstein said. Hertenstein said that thieves also took a grill and an iPad from his truck.

The food truck owner said that insurance will help him cover the stolen items, but not the business he’ll lose while he tries to find another generator and grill. “We had pretty big events scheduled for us that we are counting on and hopefully we can get caught up to where we were,” Hertenstein said.

The Hungry Monkey food truck was not the only food truck to fall victim to crime recently. Tatoheads food truck also had its front window smashed this past week. “I woke up to a concrete piece of curb smashed into the window,” said Dan McCarthy, owner of Tatoheads.

McCarthy said that nothing was stolen from his truck, but the broken window forced him to miss a day’s worth of income. “It was on the driver side, so it basically limited my ability to serve, and I had to miss service that morning at Pearl Alley Market,” McCarthy said.

Paddy Wagon owner Zach James said that someone stole the battery from his truck about a month ago. “Safety is a concern for me, because it’s my livelihood at stake,” James said. “It’s been an issue, and it’s an ongoing concern of mine.”

Food truck owners said that they were not sure if the crimes were connected. Police continue to investigate the incidents.

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