Connecticut Brewery Petitions City Hall For Food Trucks

RIDGEFIELD, CT – Food trucks at the brewery seems a match made in beer-and-hot-dog heaven, but the town attorneys have risen to speak against the union, rather than forever hold their peace.

An opinion from the town attorneys has said the town can’t legally allow the regular parking of food trucks in the lot of the Nod Hill Brewery on Route 7 — at least, not under its current “mobile food vendors” ordinance.

“They concluded we cannot, under our ordinance, do it,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi told fellow selectmen Nov. 29.

“For us to approve it, we’d have to alter the ordinance,” he said.

Since a revised ordinance was passed just a year ago, in November 2016, after a lengthy process — review and hearings, amendments and tinkering — the board wasn’t eager to revisit the regulation.

The food truck rules had been adopted in part to protect the interests of “brick and mortar” businesses — like restaurants — that are part of the town’s commercial tax base.

Under the revised ordinance, food trucks and vendor carts are prohibited from parking and doing business in a given spot for more than 15 minutes — although exceptions allow continued operations at the long-established locations of the Chez Lenard hot dog cart on Main Street and the Zwack Shack lunch truck on Route 7.

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