GRISWOLD, CT – A local food truck owner has decided to pack it in after a conflict with the town affected his business, he said.

Keith Phillips, the now former owner and operator of Serenity’s food truck in Griswold, announced on his Facebook page Aug. 14 that his truck was permanently closed.

He said he’s sold the truck and is moving on.

“I’m an entrepreneur. If I don’t feel appreciated or don’t have backing or support, I get up and do something else,” he said.

The parking lot next to AmericInn on Voluntown Road that he operated on is now empty.

Phillips opened his business last September. Throughout the year, Phillips and town officials have regularly been at odds.


But Annie Kudelchuk, owner of Altone’s Restaurant in Griswold, said Phillips’ case is the exception not the rule. She said small businesses are very much welcome in town but there are rules that need to be followed.

Kudelchuk has been operating her restaurant for 35 years.

“If you’re going to get in business you have to follow the town rules,” she said. “If you’re looking to open a business you have to look into all of the rules to do it and make sure you’re following them.”

Kudelchuk said although she liked and respected Phillips and his business, she thought food trucks just aren’t right for Eastern Connecticut.

“I think they’d work better by a beach or in a city,” she said.

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