ENFIELD, CT – The Town Council has passed a resolution establishing rules and regulations for the permitting process and legal operation of mobile food vendors — also known as food trucks — in town.

The council, which approved the resolution Dec. 19, previously passed an ordinance Aug. 1 to allow food trucks to operate in town after more than a year of study and deliberation on the matter.

Since that time, council members, in particular William “Bill” Lee and Gina Cekala, have worked on revising an earlier draft of proposed regulations to make them more fair for owners of “brick-and-mortar” restaurants, some of whom voiced concern that they would be adversely and unfairly impacted by allowing food trucks in town.

“We’re trying to achieve parity,” Lee said following the meeting. “We heard from establishments who said that the way the regulations were initially proposed wasn’t a fair proposal. We agreed. Hopefully, this makes good business sense for everyone.”

Among the bigger changes made to the regulations, Lee said, was implementing separate resident and nonresident fee structures in the permitting process.

According to a copy of the regulations, any vendor interested in operating a food truck in town must first apply for a “mobile food vending license.” Licenses are approved by the town manager or his “designee” and require substantial documentation, including a valid copy of a license from the North Central District Health Department.

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