Creve CoeurCREVE COEUR, MO – Food trucks soon may be serving pizzas, tacos, burgers and other goodies for the culinary delights of foodies in Creve Coeur.

The Creve Coeur City Council on Jan. 27 heard the first reading of a bill that would allow food trucks in the city. Currently, the trucks are only allowed at catered events. The next reading and possible action is set for the council meeting on Feb. 10.

The bill amends the city code on solicitors, canvassers and handbills to allow mobile food vendors. The vendors are defined as those who sell food from motorized vehicles or non-motorized carts.

“It essentially provides a framework to permit food trucks under certain provisions in the ordinance,” said City Administrator Mark Perkins. “We want to create an opportunity for food trucks to become more prevalent if the market conditions are conducive.”

Those wanting to operate food trucks in Creve Coeur would have to obtain a license. A major reason for this is to ensure that people comply with sales tax and county health department regulations, Perkins said.

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