If you build it, they will come. Pensacola food truck fans came out to support the new food trucks at the City Hall food truck event. Surprised? We aren’t. These are the types of examples that can be used to show city councils that food trucks will attract consumers to their towns. Now if Pensacola will use this event to improve their own regulations and allow food trucks throughout the city.

PENSACOLA, FL – Food trucks were welcomed to City Hall on Thursday with steady crowds, in what could be a premonition of the future throughout the city if City Council is able to pass yet another proposed food truck ordinance.

With several major buildings within a stone’s throw of City Hall and curious downtown professionals out for lunch, the food trucks Thursday were met with lines of eager customers shortly after they opened at 11 a.m., and they stayed busy through the afternoon.

The offerings were varied Thursday with ribs and burgers from The Busy Bee, gumbo and jambalaya from The Cajun Meat Train, and wood-fired pizzas from Rolling Embers.

Mayor Ashton Hayward tried food from all three and praised Busy Bee’s fried ribs. Hayward said he hopes to see City Council pass a food truck ordinance soon.

“I hope that we can get something passed,” Hayward said. “I think today’s a testament that people want food trucks. I think it gives people different options. We’ve got great restaurants in the city, this just offers people different variety.”

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