FORT COLLINS, CO – As students roll into the newly opened Lory Student Center food court, the on-campus food trucks must rumble away.

The food court, which opened Monday, garnered mixed reviews from students. Thus far, Taco Bell, Spoons and Carl’s Jr. are among the returning establishments, and several stalls have yet to be filled.

Alex Grasso, a junior studying construction management and business, was part of the team updating the LSC over the summer. While he believes that LSC construction delays could have been prevented by the management, he views the opening of the food court as an impressive feat.

“After working on it, from what I can see, I’m surprised they could get this much open,” Grasso said.

Senior and mechanical engineering major RJ Miller liked the open and clean feeling of the building, but pointed out the lack of art on the walls.

“It’s kind of depressing,” Miller said. “I honestly feel like I’m in an airport.”

Emily Comler, a junior studying sports medicine, never felt that the previous LSC food court needed renovation. However, after seeing the changes, she appreciates them.

“It was all we had and it was so exciting  for us, because we were freshman at the time,” Comler said. “But now, looking back, we see how outdated it was.”

Though the LSC is accommodating for students, Comler said that there needs to be other food options for off-campus students beyond the new food court. She said she was disappointed that food trucks will leave campus after this week.

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