ST. PAUL, MN – Imagine if you will an outdoor food court. But instead of the greasy, stale cheeseburgers and day-old sandwiches, it’s fresh, high-quality gourmet food made piping hot from a food truck.

Well, starting Wednesday, this so-called dream will become a reality. No more walking across St. Paul to get a variety of food vendors. Say goodbye to being limited to one food truck at one location and welcome to “Food Truck Court.”

Each Wednesday on Kellogg Boulevard between St. Peter and Wabasha, folks looking for good eats on the street will have a variety of food trucks to choose from. The 128 Mobile Café, Gastrotruck, Fork in the Road, Chef Shack and Simply Steve’s will all be shifting gears and driving over to share the same street through a partnership with the city of St. Paul.

Jill Wilson, owner of 128 Café, said the idea was to create a hub where local food and food trucks could be featured, while raising the awareness of these semi-new ventures. Food trucks celebrated their first year in the Twin Cities in 2010 and ever since have been a big topic of both foodies and wannabe foodies.

Wilson said they worked with St. Paul officials to reserve a spot along Kellogg where the food trucks could be stationed on Wednesdays through September.

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