DCFTAWASHINGTON DC – Haven’t had enough of the turf war between D.C.’s food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants? Then “Capital Food Fight,” a documentary airing Wednesday on Maryland Public Television, is for you.

The film by Robert Paschen explores the various arguments over regulation of the District’s food truck scene, which has boomed in recent years. Six D.C. food trucks made Daily Meal’s list of the nation’s best food trucks, a feat for a business that practically didn’t exist five years ago.

Paschen interviews restaurant owners, food truck operators, city officials and journalists who have covered the debate on regulations, which have taken years to establish.

Much of what they have to say will be somewhat moot since the D.C. Council approved the final mobile vending regulations last week, but the documentary should still be interesting, if only to show how far both sides have come to get to the compromise that was passed.

The documentary airs on Maryland Public Television at 9 p.m. June 26, but you can see a two-minute trailer below.

TEASER – Capital Food Fight from Capital Food Fight Film on Vimeo.

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