WASHINGTON DC – Eric Duensing, co-owner of DC Slices, Washington, D.C.’s oldest food truck, is a professional when it comes to feeding activists who descend on the nation’s capital.

“Protesting takes a lot of energy,” Duensing said by phone, explaining that he’s worked many a protest in Washington, D.C., including the protesters who congregated after the Baltimore shootings in 2016. 

At Saturday’s historic Women’s March on Washington, he’ll send three trucks out and about. Duensing said food trucks are perfect for serving events like the Women’s March because sit-down restaurants are nowhere near as efficient (or affordable) as food trucks when it comes to feeding a hungry group of people that’ll be spread across the city.

“When you’re in throngs like this, when you have an opportunity, you grab a quick slice, and you get back to why you’re there — to show your voice,” Duensing said.

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