NEWARK, DE – It’s nearly one o’clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday and Rhonda Belford is hungry. Like most days, she’s faced with the decision to either leave her desk at Computer Aid, Inc., on Creek View Road and drive to a fast food joint, or walk next door to Timothy’s for a bite to eat, but both options can get old after awhile.

Luckily, Belford doesn’t have to go very far at all. It turns out the I Don’t Give a Fork! food truck is parked right outside CAI’s doors and owner Leigh Ann Tona is ready to take her order. A few short minutes in line and Belford is on her way, chicken fingers and fries in tow, which is much more convenient than leaving work.

“You lose your parking spot if you leave. It’s prime parking here,” she said, laughing. “When I get to work in the morning I park up close, but if I leave, I come back and I’m stuck all the way back there.”

Kelly Martinez, human resources assistant at CAI, said the company reached out to Tona and other food truck owners a few years ago, looking for a more convenient and social way for their 200 employees to buy lunch. The Newark branch of the global IT services firm doesn’t have a cafeteria for workers to gather.

“We try to get them to engage and interact with each other,” she said.

She said the IDGAF! food truck brings people outside and gets them talking while they wait in line for one of Tona’s grab-and-go sandwiches. It also promotes camaraderie and is great for morale, she said.

Martinez helps promote the truck by spreading the word and sending employees the menu so they get excited come lunch hour.

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