ATLANTA, GA – Deputy, a leading global workforce management solution, today announced that it will partner with payment and commerce solution provider, Square during one of the largest restaurant tradeshows, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2016. This partnership will create the ultimate digital business management solution for restaurant owners and retailers. With this integration, Deputy customers can integrate business sales and labor costs from Square with staffing and timesheet management, creating total visibility and control into key functions of business management. Best of all, these analytics can be accessed from any location via a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

By integrating Deputy with Square, business owners and managers can:

  • Integrate sales and labor costs from Square into Deputy for a realistic view of business performance
  • Alter employee scheduling based on the highs and lows of business
  • Seamlessly track and monitor employee overtime, late clock-ins and tips
  • Organize scheduling in real time based on employee availability and time-off requests in the cloud
  • Easily share schedules via email, SMS or push notifications to other smartphones via the Deputy app
  • Update employee timesheets from Square based on employee overtime and instantly process payroll with virtually any payroll service provider.

“Today’s news reveals how Deputy’s partnership with business software providers such as Square, is radically transforming the way companies manage their workflows and employees in the cloud,” said Jason Walker, president, Americas for Deputy. “By connecting the dots between workforce management and business sales, our customers now have insights into the inbound and outbound of their cash flow, so they know exactly how their business is performing from any location. This is particularly valuable for retailers and restaurants, who struggle to accurately forecast the number of hourly workers needed during peak and off-peak business times.”

For example, Dale Fewson, managing director of Essence of Coffee, a coffee roaster in Rapid City, South Dakota, uses Deputy and Square to manage his entire business via his smartphone. By integrating Deputy with Square, Dale has a more accurate view of his business performance in real time, based on sales and payroll. Armed with this information, Dale can alter and adjust employee schedules based on internal forecasts of peak business times, all via his smartphone or tablet.

“In just a few weeks of utilizing Deputy’s Square integration, I have significantly cut down my time creating and recreating employee shift schedules, said Fewson.” “Deputy’s solution has given me my time back to do what I love – roasting high quality, beautiful coffee beans.”