DETROIT, MI – The owner of a popular food truck and catering business apologized last week for Facebook comments he made about the slayings of two New York City police officers.

Those comments had caused a firestorm in Detroit’s law enforcement community, which viewed them as hostile and urged a boycott of his food business. At least one Metro Detroit business distanced itself from the company.

Tim Idzikowski, owner of the Detroit BBQ Co., said he expressed his “deepest condolences and apology” for his comments “made out of frustration.”

Hours after officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were gunned down in Brooklyn Saturday, Idzikowski posted on his personal Facebook page: “How many times did they think they were going to kick the hornets (sic) nest before they got stung? These guys ‘can’t breathe’ now either.”

Idzikowski, whose company caters several high-profile events and whose truck is often parked at Campus Martius at lunchtime, told Hunter: “I got over 20 death threats on my voice mail. I’ve contacted an attorney, and we’re going to file harassment charges against the officer who posted my personal information (online).”

Mark Diaz, president of the Detroit Police Officers Association union, said officers are calling for a boycott of the Detroit BBQ Company, Hunter writes.

“This guy is well within his right to say what he wants, since this is America, and we have free speech,” Diaz said. “But we’re also within our rights to say we don’t want to spend our money at his place of business.

“What bothers me is, instead of saying ‘Thanks to the Detroit Police officers who patrol near my truck and keep me safe so I can make a living for my family,’ he says this. That’s why the word is spreading to not patronize his business.”

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