This is a completely original and unique drive-thru experience, the likes of which we haven’t seen anywhere before. I can definitely see this model taking off all across the globe.

DUBAI, UAE – The newest addition to Dubai’s growing list of social hotspots is set to open its doors by the end of this month — just off the motorway.

Located in Jebel Ali at Exit 11 (on Shaikh Zayed Road from Abu Dhabi to Dubai), Last Exit is a new concept being dubbed a “food truck park”. At Last Exit, a number of food trucks will be parked together, hosting food outlets with both dine-in and drive-through facilities.

The “zany outdoor concept” (that’s the press release’s words, not ours) will play up the driving theme with used car parts for decoration throughout. Unfortunately, the food trucks are also only part of this decor, as they will not be making use of their wheels to drive around the city.

The food on offer is from existing outlets in the city: Mexican taco spot Baja Fresh, Operation Falafel, Burger Pit, Big Smoke Burger, Il Cafe De Roma, Starbucks, The Brass, The Hot Dog Stand, Poco Loco, Clinton St Bakery, and Urban Seafood.

There are also retail and convenience stores and a dedicated children’s play area, basically making this one of the most diverse truck stops in the country.

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