duke food trucksDUKE UNIVERSITY, NC – Food trucks had a slow first week as a lunch option.

In response to decreased dining options, the Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee, Duke Student Government and Duke Dining worked together to bring food trucks to campus as a lunch option. The trucks are located behind Perkins and Bostock libraries where, as of yet, many students are unaware of their existence, explained senior Chris Taylor, co-chair of DUSDAC.

“We found that this location is not very visible,” said Jody Argote, the owner of the Parlez-Vous Crepe food truck. “On Tuesday, the first hour didn’t go well but then I put up signs by the stairs that students walk by and that seemed to help.”

Argote said that advertisement is particularly important since students will not see the trucks on their way to class. She plans on using Duke Dining’s promotional campaign as well as her own social media—specifically Twitter and Facebook—to publicize the location of her truck at lunchtime.

Carolina Escobar, founder of Captain Ponchos, noted that her truck had 15 customers during Monday’s lunch hours—fewer than she had expected, given the popularity of the truck during dinner hours.

“The location isn’t ideal. In a perfect world, the trucks would be in front of the Chapel or on the lawn,” Taylor said. “Duke doesn’t want anything in either of those places before 5 o’clock”

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