Bully Food Truck EdmontonEDMONTON, CANADA – It’s food truck season in Edmonton and there’s never been more mobile eateries on city streets.

From old gems to soon-to-be new favorites, more than a dozen food trucks are set to serve this season.

“Last year there was half the amount of food trucks that there is this year, so it’s definitely a trend that’s picking up and going strong,” said Wendy Gossen with Bully Food Truck.

“People are interested in it, people want to go to things like What the Truck or a throw down of ginger beef or whatever and try out the foods. We get lots of positive feedback.”

This year marks Bully’s first full summer season.

The Local Omnivore joins Bully as rookies on Edmonton’s food truck circuit – they’re serving up a purely breakfast menu.

“People do like breakfast all day, so a breakfast sandwich for lunch is not a stretch of the imagination at all,” said Mark Bellows with The Local Omnivore.

There are also Greek food-themed trucks, BBQ trucks, waffle trucks, poutine trucks, calzone trucks and more – including the unique and all-Vegan food truck Sailin’ On.

Sailin’ On is making its debut this summer.

“We’re going to be serving up all Vegan food. We’re Edmonton’s first Vegan food truck,” said Sailin’ On’s Michael Brennan.

“We’re doing a combination of burritos, tacos, a selection of sandwiches and some late night sides like Vegan corndogs and different types of fries,” said Sailin On’s Garret Kruger.

The food truck trend is taking over cities across North America and had a slower start in Edmonton.

The city’s long winters make for a shorter food truck season but so far those who have jumped into the market are seeing success and inspiring the launch of even more trucks.

Most of the trucks typically serve downtown to the weekday crowd, however Sailin’ On is bucking that trend and plans to park outside a bar near Whyte Avenue.

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